Orthotics, insoles and ankle rehabilitation

What are foot orthoses (orthotics)?

Foot orthoses or orthotics are shoe inserts also known as arch supports. They are individually prescribed and designed to support, align or assist in the foot and lower limb function during walking and running.


Why you may need to wear orthoses?

orthoticsAt Eastwood Podiatry Clinic, our Podiatrists attend to people of all ages with a variety of leg and lower limb problems.

Our orthotic devices are ideal for children who experience re-occurring leg or foot pain (growing pain), or those who are constantly tripping and falling (clumsy gait). We frequently help children with walking and running difficulties such as those with pronated (flat) feet, those that are in-toed (pigeon toed) or out-toed (duck feet). Uneven footwear may also require intervention with extra support.

Athletes and people participating in sport are often prescribed stretching and strengthening exercises, specific footwear and among other aids, orthotics to help maximise their performance and minimise risk of injury by addressing mechanical problems.

Orthoses are also prescribed for the ageing or the elderly who may develop aches and pains when they walk. These issues could range from back, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain as a result of arthritis and wear and tear, as well as increasing foot pressure resulting in callus and corns.

What are the different types of orthoses at Eastwood Podiatry Clinic?

Cushioning/soft orthoses – these are designed to cushion and pad the underfoot with shock absorption during walking or running.

Pressure relief orthoses – these devices integrate cushioning as well as offering additional relief by redistributing pressure from problem areas of the foot.

Custom moulded – offering a superior fit and control for a more accurate re-alignment for a long term solution.

Over the counter/prefabricated orthoses – offering medium-term support but these are not specific to individual feet or needs.

Are your orthotics still working?

Many of our patients have pre-fabricated or custom-made orthotic devices (shoe inserts). However, for your orthotics to give you maximum benefit it is recommended that you consult our podiatrists for regular reviews:

  • annually for prefabricated devices (off the shelf devices)
  • every 3-4 years for adult every day custom made orthoses (wear may vary is devices are wet regularly)

Are your orthotics are still working?

We offer an refurbishment service for existing devices, regardless of whether we made your orthotics.vasyli orthotics logo