Why see our Podiatrists?

Why should you see a Eastwood Podiatrists rather than any other Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors or Osteopaths for your foot and ankle care?

Unlike Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or Osteopathy, Podiatry is the only specialist profession that is solely dedicated to the study, treatment, rehabilitation and future illness prevention for the function of the lower limb and the feet.

At Eastwood Podiatry Clinic, we only use only tested research and methods to assess and manage lower limb issues. Other clinics may promise quick fixes and even faster turn around on the scans and the manufacture of their orthotics and other devices, but at our clinic you can be assured that the assessments will be more thorough and the quality of our products will last longer as we stand behind the products.

Your feet are very complex, as they house a quarter of the bones in the body. Moreover, the feet comprise of a network of muscles, ligaments and joints, which play an integral part in keeping you mobile, whether walking, running or even cycling. Your feet are often the most neglected and forgotten parts of your body, which increase their vulnerability to injury and disease and that’s why our Podiatrists are the professional to assess your feet. As your feet are your main mode of transport it is imperative to let our team take care of them. Each person’s feet are individual and therefore, require individual specialised care.


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